Which tire size would you recommend for a Ford F150: 295/60 R20 or 285/65 R20?

Hey guys, quick question about my 2017 F-150. So, my stock tires are on their last legs, and I’m thinking of switching to Cooper tires after adding a Readylift 2.25" spacer level.

I’m stuck between two sizes: 295/60/R20 and 285/65/R20. I heard that the 285/65/R20 is a bit narrower but has a bigger sidewall. Is that true? And do you have any other thoughts on this?

Also, I noticed that the 285/65/R20 is quite a bit cheaper - any idea why?


The 285/65/R20 size may be more commonly used or in higher demand, leading to increased production volumes and potentially lower manufacturing costs.


That true broh and that could translate to a lower retail price compared to the less common 295/60/R20 size. :+1:


True, the 285/65 R20 tires are likely cheaper due to their higher production volumes, as they’re a common size used by various vehicles. This leads to economies of scale, reducing the cost per tire. Additionally, they might be less expensive because they’re often included as stock tires on new vehicles, which increases their availability in the market.

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The pricing difference could also be influenced by the brand and model of the tires you’re considering.

Tire sizes come with trade-offs. While the 285/65/R20 has a larger sidewall for improved off-road performance, the 295/60/R20 has a broader stance. Demand or brand may be to blame for the price discrepancy. To make the best decision, take your driving requirements, preferences for style, and price range into account.

Choosing between these two tire sizes for your Ford F150 depends on your priorities:

285/65 R20:

  • Pros:
    • Slightly taller, offering a bit more ground clearance
    • Potentially cheaper due to wider availability
    • May be closer to the stock size on your F150 (check your manual)
  • Cons:
    • Might rub on your F150 if you have a lifted suspension or certain wheel offsets
    • May affect speedometer accuracy slightly (reads a hair slower than actual speed)

295/60 R20:

  • Pros:
    • Less likely to rub due to smaller diameter
    • Closer to stock speedometer reading
  • Cons:
    • Slightly less ground clearance
    • Might be a more expensive and less common size

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Your F150 model and year: Consult your owner’s manual for the recommended tire size.
  • Lift or leveling kit: If your truck is lifted, the 285/65R20 might be a better fit.
  • Driving style: If you do a lot of off-roading, the 285/65R20 might be preferable for the extra ground clearance.

I’d lean towards the 295/60 R20 for your F150. It’s a slightly smaller diameter (less rubbing risk on stock suspension) and a hair wider (better off-road grip) compared to the 285/65 R20. You might lose a smidge of fuel efficiency, but the difference is minimal. Plus, the 295/60R20 is easier to find in aftermarket sizes for more aggressive treads if you go off-roading a lot.

You got this mostly right. 285/65R20 is indeed a tad narrower, but the key difference is the sidewall height. The 65 means a nice tall 65% of the tire width as sidewall for off-road comfort.

Amen to that! You gotta baby that F-150! Besides, bigger sidewalls look meaner, right?

Don’t listen to him all the time. Bigger sidewalls can rub the fenders at full turn, especially with a level kit.

he’s on point. That’s why the 295/60R20 might be a safer bet with your lift. It’s a bit wider but with a shorter sidewall for better clearance.

As for the price, the 285/65R20 is probably cheaper because it’s a more common size for F-150s. More competition means better deals!

Sounds like your truck is in dire need of a shoe change! Pick Cooper tires, they’re practically cowboy boots for trucks.

Now, on to the nitty-gritty. Those tire sizes are like siblings: pretty similar but with key differences.

285/65/R20: This one’s a bit narrower, but has more sidewall like extra leg room for your truck.
295/60/R20 This one’s a bit wider, but with less sidewall.

As for the price, the 285/65/R20 might be cheaper because everyone wants the wider tires these days. ‍♂️ Just go with the one that makes your truck look the beefiest!