What's the towing capacity of an F150?

Hey, I’ve been trying to figure out the towing capacity for my 2021 F150 with a camper. I reached out to Ford with my serial number, thinking it would be straightforward, but I’m not getting a clear answer.

I’ve called two dealers and Ford three times, but they keep giving me the max tow numbers without addressing the footnote about the tow package. I’ve got the 3.5 motor, 3.55 rear end, 145” wheelbase, and 7050 GVWR with a max payload of 2006 pounds.

Any ideas on how to get the right towing capacity info?

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It’s frustrating trying to pinpoint the exact towing capacity for your camper with your 2021 F-150! While Ford boasts a maximum tow rating around 14,000 lbs for certain configurations, that number likely applies with the heaviest duty tow package. You’re right to focus on the footnote – your specific truck’s details like the 3.55 rear end and 7050 GVWR suggest a lower capacity. Keep digging! Don’t settle for just the max numbers – those might not consider your camper’s weight and your truck’s specific setup.

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You’re right, this whole towing capacity thing with the 2021 F-150 and campers is beyond frustrating! I’ve been there myself, calling Ford and dealers only to get hit with the “max tow numbers” without any mention of the crucial tow package details. Let’s break this down and figure out how to get the real answer.

Here’s the deal:

  • Your F-150 sounds like a beast – 3.5L engine, perfect for towing. But the key to knowing exactly what it can handle is the tow package. Ford offers different packages that significantly impact your towing capacity.
  • Those “max tow numbers” they keep throwing at you are likely for the absolute top configuration, which might include the Max Trailer Tow Package (not standard on all models).
  • Here’s the sneaky part: The footnote about the tow package is there for a reason. It basically says “hey, that max number only applies if you have this specific package.”

So, how do we get the right answer? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get Your Window Sticker: This magical piece of paper has the breakdown of exactly what your F-150 is equipped with, including the tow package information. Look for a code like “53A” or “17T” which indicate specific towing packages.
  2. Online Resources: Ford has towing guides online [search 2021 ford trailer towing guide]. You can input your vehicle details (engine, wheelbase, etc.) and it should show the towing capacity based on your specific configuration.
  3. Dig into the Manual: The owner’s manual might have a towing capacity chart that considers different configurations, including tow packages.

By using these resources and finding out your specific tow package code, you’ll finally get the real towing capacity for your 2021 F-150 and your camper. Don’t settle for those generic max tow numbers – we need the nitty-gritty to tow safely and confidently!