What's the difference between FX4 and 4x4?

Hi everyone,
I’m checking out trucks with 6.5-foot beds (Platinum ones are rare!). I’ve found a few, but none have the FX4 package. Is it really necessary? I’ll be towing my bass boat every weekend. I heard FX4 has firmer shocks, but the skid plates and downhill assist features don’t interest me much. I just don’t want a too-soft rear end, even though the trucks I’m considering all have the Max Tow Package. Thanks!

The FX4 designation denotes the specific trim level of the truck, characterized by a 4-door SuperCrew with 4WD Flareside. On the other hand, 4x4 simply indicates a vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive capability.

I hear you on the struggle to find a Platinum truck with a 6.5-foot bed, those are tough! While the FX4 package offers skid plates and downhill assist, those aren’t crucial for towing your bass boat. The key feature for you might be the firmer shocks. The Max Tow Package is great, but some folks find the standard setup a little soft on the rear when towing. If a comfy interior is your priority, a Platinum without FX4 could work, but consider if slightly stiffer shocks for towing stability are worth giving up the Platinum for a different trim with the FX4 option.

The Ford FX4 is like a special type of 4x4. 4x4 means a vehicle with four-wheel drive, but FX4 is more detailed. It comes with special stuff like tough tires and suspension for off-road adventures. The big differences between FX4 and regular 4x4 are:

  1. Strong suspension for rough roads (called Ranchero shocks)
  2. Plates to protect the bottom of the car
  3. Higher space under the car
  4. Special shock absorbers for off-road driving
  5. A rear differential that locks electronically.

The FX4 package can provide useful stability with stronger shocks given how often you tow. Improved suspension can offer the support required for towing, guaranteeing a balanced and controlled ride, especially with high loads, even when skid plates and downhill assistance may not be priority.