What's the best tonneau cover option for a Ford F-150?

So, good news - the wife finally gave the green light to get a bed cover for the truck, and now I’m trying to decide which one to go for.
I’ve been eyeing options like Peragon, Lomax, Bakflip MX4, and RetraxPro XR.

Since I’ve got a short bed, I really want something that maximizes the available space when I need it. I’m kinda leaning towards Peragon if they still offer paint matching. But I’ve heard some mixed reviews about them leaking pretty badly, and that’s making me think twice.

As for the hard flip options, I’m kinda leaning towards Lomax because it seems like it’d be easier to remove for larger items if I need to.

Then there’s Retrax - the retractable feature seems super convenient, but I’m worried about losing bed space because of the reel.

Any of you guys have experience with these? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.