What Could Be Causing the Metallic Grinding Noise When Turning the Steering Wheel?

Hey everyone, I’ve been having this frustrating issue with my F150 lately. Whenever I turn the steering wheel, it sounds like there’s this really annoying grinding noise, almost like metal scraping against metal. It’s starting to make turning a bit of a hassle too.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? It seems like the noise is coming from around the steering column, near the steering bag area.


I experienced a similar issue with my '98 F150. I could feel the metal components grinding when turning the steering wheel. I ended up replacing the upper steering shaft bearing, and that fixed the problem.

Just a heads up, you’ll need to remove the steering wheel to access it. It’s not too difficult, but make sure to be cautious around the airbag, and remember to disconnect the battery for five minutes before removing it. The parts aren’t pricey. Best of luck!


Make sure to apply plenty of grease to the bearing before installing it onto the shaft.


Just sharing my experience here: my truck had the same issue about five years back. I removed the airbag and, I think, the clock spring too. Then, I sprayed some Kroil on the bearing, and it’s been working perfectly ever since. I did order replacement bearings, but they’re still sitting in their bags because this temporary fix has held up so well.


Is the noise there all the time when you turn, or worse at certain angles?

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The problem could be Low Power Steering Fluid. When the power steering fluid is low, there is a metal grinding noise that is heard when turning the steering wheel.


The power steering pump is responsible for providing hydraulic assistance to make steering easier. If the pump is failing or low on fluid, it could cause grinding or whining noises when you turn the steering wheel.

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There are bearings within the steering column that allow for smooth rotation of the steering wheel. If these bearings are worn or damaged, they could produce grinding or rubbing noises when the wheel is turned.

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