Terrain system management fault

I have a 2015 Explorer that’s experiencing a Terrain Management failure. When it happens, I lose power, and the engine idles roughly until I coast to a complete stop. Restarting the vehicle temporarily resolves the issue. I’ve had it diagnosed, but no codes appear in the computer or memory.

If no error codes are showing up, it may be beneficial to seek a second opinion from a specialist or a Ford dealer. They have specialized diagnostic procedures and tools that could reveal underlying issues.

It sounds frustrating dealing with a Terrain Management failure in your 2015 Explorer. Even without specific codes showing up, there could be a few potential causes to explore further. Sometimes electrical issues or sensors can intermittently fail without leaving a permanent code. It might be beneficial to have a thorough inspection of the wiring harnesses and connectors related to the Terrain Management system, as loose connections or corrosion could cause intermittent faults. Additionally, consider checking the condition of the throttle body and sensors related to engine performance, as they can sometimes cause rough idling and power loss symptoms. If possible, consulting with a specialized mechanic or a Ford dealership with experience in diagnosing Explorer-specific issues might provide additional insights or solutions.