SuperCrew vs SuperCab

When I check out the used car market on Autotrader, I notice there are way more SuperCrew trucks compared to SuperCab trucks. Especially for F150s, there are a lot more with four doors than with SuperCabs. This matches what I see on the roads too - loads of SuperCrew trucks with short boxes. I’m thinking about buying a SuperCab with a 6.5" box because it seems more practical to me, and I like how it looks. But I’m curious, why aren’t SuperCabs as popular?

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A SuperCab typically features four doors, with the front doors needing to be opened first to access the smaller, rear-hinged back doors.
On the other hand, a Crew Cab (also known as SuperCrew®) is equipped with four full-size doors that all open in the same direction, offering more convenient access to the cabin.

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SuperCabs are less favored due to tight rear seating, inconvenient suicide-style doors, and a smaller bed compared to SuperCrews, making the latter more popular for their comfort and practicality.

@Arthur SuperCab trucks are less popular than SuperCrew models for several reasons:

  1. Space and Comfort: SuperCrew trucks offer more room and comfort, with four full-sized doors and a larger rear seating area, making them ideal for families or frequent passengers.
  2. Resale Value: SuperCrew models tend to hold their value better due to higher demand, making them a safer investment.
  3. Versatility: The trend towards using trucks as both work vehicles and family haulers favors the more versatile SuperCrew configuration.
  4. Availability: There are more SuperCrew trucks available on the market, influencing buyer preferences.
  5. Aesthetics: Some buyers prefer the larger, more imposing look of SuperCrew trucks.

Choosing a SuperCab with a 6.5" box can still be a great decision if it fits your needs and preferences, despite these trends.

The difference comes in the size of the two, A Ford Crew Cab is larger than a SuperCab, featuring four full-size doors and more legroom, making it more spacious and suitable for adults.

Though it costs more than the smaller SuperCab, which is better suited for children in the second row.

Are @Arthur spotting more SuperCrew F-150s on the road?

You’re not wrong and this is why:

  • SuperCrew: More passenger space for fam (seats 5-6), but smaller bed.
  • SuperCab: Shorter cab, bigger bed (perfect for gear), but tighter rear seats.

SuperCabs are like the ultimate adventure trucks, but folks seem to be going for the extra passenger space these days.