Simplest way to measure tongue weight?

Hi there, pals I am trying to find the easiest way to weigh my tongue. Although I have seen those hitches with tiny scale dials integrated into them, I find them to be a little gimmicky. Is it possible to measure it with a simple weight to make sure the trailer is loaded correctly?


Zachary just
Visit a nearby truck scale, commonly found at truck stops or some larger gas stations. The scales are divided into separate squares, with each square functioning as its own scale (to measure individual axle weight). Position your rig so that the front wheels of your truck are on one square, the back tires on another, and the remaining camper on a third. Record the weights for this setup. Then, detach your camper and re-measure your truck without it.

Subtract the unloaded weight from the loaded weight, and voila! You have your real-world tongue weight.

Note: Ensure that you’re hitched up as you would be when towing, including your weight distribution hitch and any other accessories in the back of the truck.

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Another option is to get your trailer weighed at a truck stop, quarry, or building supply store (places with commercial vehicle scales). Just make sure your trailer is fully loaded with everything you’ll be hauling before you go for the weigh-in.

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Give up using hitch scales! Tongue weight scales with springs make things simpler and cost less money. Use a bathroom scale beneath the jack if you have to (be careful!). Do not forget to first chock your trailer. For safe towing, aim for a tongue weight of 10% to 15%.

Take a test drive. I suppose the dealership would let you tow it around a little. Otherwise, I really don’t know. Weight distribution hitches skew the value, thus just lifting the tongue and measuring its weight will not be accurate after applying WD.

An alternative straightforward approach to determine tongue weight is by utilizing a commercial vehicle scale.

Is it possible to use a tongue scale instead of a cat scale for this? Measure before you buy, please.