Replacing camshaft - cam caps and cam towers

I am doing a complete timing job on a 2007 F150 with a 5.4 3V engine. The camshafts still seem fine, but since the truck has 235k miles and I’m already working on it, I’m replacing both camshafts. I’m unsure if I should also replace the cam towers and/or the cam caps along with new bolts. I assume at least the cam caps might need replacement due to potential wear from the old cam, but I want to make sure since I’m already working on it and don’t want to redo it later. Also, is there anything else I should do to prepare the new camshafts?

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Since you are replacing both camshafts, make sure they are OEM or high-quality aftermarket parts. New camshafts will restore proper valve timing and can potentially improve engine performance.

Replacing a camshaft, cam caps, and cam towers aint an easy job. It’s important to consult a repair manual specific to your vehicle for detailed instructions and torque specifications.

If you’re feeling unsure about inspecting the components yourself, consulting with a trusted mechanic can be a good option. They can provide a professional assessment and recommendations based on their experience.