Need a newer truck for towing

I drive a 2011 F150 with off-road capabilities, a tow package, and 4x4, with a 5.0 V8 engine and 3.73 gear ratio. It’s a super crew shortbed with 212k miles. I use it to haul a small gooseneck horse trailer fully loaded with two horses, weighing about 4200 lbs when empty. It’s my only vehicle, and I love how it rides and hauls.

If I buy a newer used truck, should I stick with a V8 engine? Can a V6 pull as well as my current truck? Is the EcoBoost a good option? (My uncle had issues with his EcoBoost sucking in water and stalling out.)

I also have an offset ball and an L-shaped gooseneck, which positions the trailer about 18 inches closer to the tailgate. Appreciate your advice!

It’s great to hear that you love your current F-150 and how well it handles hauling duties. When considering a newer used truck, whether to stick with a V8 engine or consider a V6 depends on your specific towing needs and preferences. While modern V6 engines can offer impressive towing capabilities, a V8 engine typically provides more low-end torque, which can be beneficial for towing heavy loads like your fully loaded horse trailer. However, some newer V6 engines, especially those with turbocharging technology like the EcoBoost, can offer comparable towing performance and improved fuel efficiency.

Regarding the EcoBoost engine, while it’s known for its power and efficiency, it’s essential to consider your uncle’s experience with water ingestion issues. EcoBoost engines are generally reliable, but if you frequently drive in areas with deep water or encounter similar conditions, it’s worth evaluating whether this could be a concern for your usage.

Considering your specific setup with the offset ball and L-shaped gooseneck, you’ll want to ensure that any newer truck you consider can accommodate this configuration effectively. Take into account factors such as bed length, hitch compatibility, and towing capacity when evaluating potential options. Ultimately, test-driving different trucks and comparing their towing performance, features, and reliability will help you make an informed decision that best suits your hauling needs and preferences.

Also, when considering a newer used truck, it’s important to assess not only the engine type but also other factors such as towing capacity, payload capability, and towing features. Look for trucks equipped with towing packages or towing-specific features like trailer sway control, integrated trailer brake controller, and tow/haul mode, which can enhance towing stability and control. Additionally, consider factors like vehicle condition, maintenance history, and any warranty coverage offered. Test-driving different trucks and discussing your specific towing requirements with knowledgeable sales staff or trusted mechanics can provide valuable insights into which truck best suits your needs. Ultimately, choosing the right truck involves balancing factors like towing capability, engine performance, reliability, and personal preference to ensure a satisfying hauling experience.

The best type of pickup truck for towing heavy loads depends on various factors such as the specific towing capacity needed, the type of terrain, and personal preferences. Generally, heavy-duty pickup trucks with diesel engines are often preferred for towing heavy loads due to their high torque output, which provides better towing capabilities. Trucks from manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram offer heavy-duty models with impressive towing capacities and advanced towing features. It’s important to consider factors such as payload capacity, towing capacity, and stability when selecting a pickup truck for towing heavy loads.

The 18-inch offset with your L-shaped gooseneck is a good thing. It distributes weight more evenly and reduces strain on the truck bed compared to a bumper pull trailer.