Motorcycle hitch trailer carrier

Has anyone used a hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier for a sportbike?

I am a bit worried about it. A dirt bike seems fine, but a heavier sport bike? Not sure if I trust it hanging off the back of my car.

Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

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hi use motorcycle hitch carriers they simplify the task of loading and transporting bikes in need of servicing. Instead of struggling to lift a motorcycle into the bed of a pickup truck, you can install a hitch carrier on your vehicle, greatly simplifying the process of moving a bike from one location to another.

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I realize how irritated you are, @Zack, but this is the safest way to move your damaged bike; however, it is dependent on the type of vehicle you are using…

However, you must also consider the bike’s weight and my block’s number plate.

It sounds like you’ve found a reliable solution for transporting your dirt bike! Hitch carriers can indeed be a convenient alternative to trailers, especially for single bike transport. The Harbor Freight Carrier seems to have served you well, providing sturdiness and reliability for your WR250. Adding a hitch extender to accommodate your spare tire is a smart adaptation, although it’s understandable that it might introduce a bit more movement. Overall, it’s great to hear that you’re satisfied with your setup and would recommend it to others in a similar situation. Happy riding!

Have you had a chance to take your WR250 on any long trips with the hitch carrier? How’d it handle highway speeds?

I haven’t used them personally for a road bike, but I did some research before buying my trailer. Here are my thoughts, though you should do your own research.

What kind of bike do you have? Tow balls (or whatever you call them) are generally only rated to hold a certain amount of downward weight, and most road bikes exceed this limit by quite a bit. Additionally, they are close to the vehicle, and road motorcycles tend to be wider than the dirt bikes these systems are usually made for.

You’ll probably also struggle to load a road bike for the same reasons.

I’ve known people who use them on tracks with additional straps to other parts of their vehicle to help support the weight, but personally, that seems like more effort than it’s worth.

I’d suggest just getting a cheap trailer instead.

A motorcycle hitch trailer carrier is a convenient way to transport your motorcycle behind your vehicle. It attaches to your car or truck’s hitch, providing a stable platform for your bike.