Is there a picture showing all the parts of the exhaust system?

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Does anyone have a picture or diagram showing all the parts of the exhaust system and how they fit together? Like the ones they show at Advance Auto when you’re buying parts. I know I could get a Chilton Manual, but if someone already has it, that would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Hello @Arthur. You can check out this article. I believe this should give you a clear visual and understanding of the exhaust system without needing to grab a manual.


There are pictures you can find that show all the pieces of a car’s exhaust system. These pictures usually include things like the exhaust pipes, sensors, a special cleaner, a quieting part, a resonator, the pipe at the back of the car, and other small things like seals, heat protectors, and holders. These pictures help you see how everything fits together and works to move dirty air away from the car’s engine and out the back. If you want to see more details, you can look at car books or guides that have these kinds of pictures.

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Just draw one for yourself. There isn’t such a pic.

The exhaust system consists of several main parts that work together to manage the gases produced by the engine:

  1. Exhaust Manifold: Collects gases from the engine’s cylinders and directs them into the exhaust system.
  2. Catalytic Converter: Converts harmful gases into less harmful ones before they exit the vehicle.
  3. Exhaust Pipe: Carries gases from the manifold to the catalytic converter and then to the muffler.
  4. Muffler: Reduces noise produced by the exhaust gases.
  5. Tailpipe: The final part of the system through which the gases exit the vehicle.

These parts are connected by clamps or welds and may include additional components like oxygen sensors or resonators, depending on the vehicle’s design and emissions requirements.