Is there a ladder rack for the factory bed holes?

I drive a 2019 Ford F150 for business. I adore that it has a protective tonneau cover so I can transport stuff without having to worry about rain. Yes, I do require the ladder racks that I had on my last truck. But since I would have to remove the tonneau cover, I do not want to install the mounts. Exists a method or business that produces a ladder rack that fits into the bed holes used in factories for production?

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No need to remove the tonneau cover! For your 2019 F-150, the following ladder rack choices are compatible with your tonneau cover:

  1. Track-Mount: Allows your cover to seal by attaching with rails to bed stake pockets (holes) (e.g., Thule TracRac, Adarac).
  2. Mounts behind the cab and reaches over the bed; examples of this type of device include DeeZee and Yakima.

Select according to ladder size and tonneau cover height.

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