Is the Ford Edge reliable?

I want to buy a Ford Edge, but many reviewers advise against buying Fords. They say Ford vehicles often have significant issues after 100,000 miles. If I don’t choose Ford, is Lincoln a better option? What do you think about the 2.0 turbo engine? Can it last until 200,000 miles without the engine breaking down?


The Ford Edge is generally considered reliable with a good reputation for durability and safety features. However, like any vehicle, reliability can vary based on maintenance and model year. Checking reviews and consumer reports specific to the year and model you’re interested in can provide more accurate insights into its reliability and performance.

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The Ford Edge is generally considered reliable, offering good performance and safety features.

I work at a dealership. Out of all the cars we’ve sold, the Edge stands out as one of the least troublesome. The 2.0L Ecoboost engine is really solid, too. It’s been reliable for our customers, which is a big plus.