Is the 3.8 V6 really that bad?


I have been seeing a few Mustangs for sale (including a '98 GT with some mechanical concerns that I talked about), and I became interested in a '98 3.8 V6 with barely 17k miles. The car is in excellent condition, but will I be settling for significantly lower performance than with a V8? I do not have a true need for a car and am shopping for a Mustang for the enjoyment of driving it, thus I am thinking that getting a V6 will defeat the point of purchasing a Mustang.

The car is in another city, and I have not driven a '99 V6, so I am wondering if it is worth a shot or if I will waste my time going to view it.

Any insight will be appreciated!


If the mileage is low and the body is pristine, it would be an ideal candidate for a V8 swap.

If you are interested in wrenching something, it is wonderful.

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You must obtain the 2011 or newer V6. 305 horsepower, excellent sound quality, and strong pulling power. I purchased a 2012 V6 (I autocross and needed a lower nose weight). It has a lot of motors. The older V6s are dogs, producing only 210 horsepower and lacking character.

I would choose a 2012 V6 over a 2010 V8.