Is it worth the risk to buy a used F150 with a 5.4L Triton engine?

Hey everyone, I’m new here but I’ve been a big fan of the F150 for a while. I really like the ones made between 2004 and 2008. I’m thinking about buying a 2004 F-150 Regular Cab with 4-wheel drive and a 5.4L Triton engine. I’ve heard that this engine sometimes has issues with something called a cam phaser. The truck has about 170,000 miles on it. I’ve been looking into it for a few days but I’m still not sure if I should buy it. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on repairs if something goes wrong later on. So, do you think I should go ahead and buy this truck, or maybe consider getting a Chevy instead? Thanks for your advice!

@Arthur. It sounds like you have had a range of experiences with F150s, spanning several generations. Based on your experience, the 5.4L engine, particularly in your 2011 model, was not reliable for you. Issues like broken spark plugs and frequent misfiring made it a nightmare to deal with. Given your history, it might be wise to avoid that engine to prevent similar problems in the future.

It’s awesome that you’re considering joining the F-150 family. The 2004-2008 models are definitely iconic, and that 5.4L Triton engine is a powerhouse.

Regarding the cam phaser issue, you’re right to be cautious. While it’s true that some of these engines have had problems with cam phasers, not all of them do.

With 170,000 miles on the clock, it’s essential to have a thorough inspection done before committing to the purchase. A trusted mechanic can give you a clearer picture of the truck’s overall condition and whether any potential issues might arise down the road.

As for choosing between the F-150 and a Chevy, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.

Both brands have their loyal followings, and each has its own strengths. If reliability and potential repair costs are significant factors for you, it might be worth exploring Chevy options as well.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the 5.4L F150! It’s valuable to hear firsthand accounts from owners.