I need a replacement tire but Nitto discontinued the model I need


I’m looking for any tips and advice…

I spent about $900 on a new set of Nitto Terra Grapplers P275/60R20 just 6 months ago. Now one tire has a tiny pinhole in the sidewall and needs to be replaced. The problem is Nitto discontinued this tire just a few months ago and I can’t find an exact replacement.

The new Nitto 275/60R20 looks similar but is a but is not a P rated tire. It’s heavier, has a higher max load and max PSI (50 vs 35).

Are there any risks to upgrading just 1 tire? Should I consider 2 to keep everything balanced?

I’ve reached out to Nitto but have not received a reply yet. Any advice or tips are welcomed.

Thanks in advance!

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Replacing just one tire with a different model can cause handling issues due to the imbalance in tire characteristics. It’s advisable to replace at least two tires (on the same axle) to maintain balance and performance.

One heavier tire is okay short-term, but aim for two for best handling and mileage. Look for matching used tires or explore similar tires from other brands. Focus on finding a P-rated replacement while you wait for Nitto’s reply.

Rough luck with the tire :scream_cat: Discontinued Nitto means finding a match might be tough.

Replacing just one with the heavier new model can mess with handling.

Here’s the plan: Try for a used P-rated match :smile: or replace both tires for balanced performance.

You can also :calling: Nitto too, just in case

Tough finding a match for discontinued Nitto. Try a used one or replace both for balance. Call Nitto too!

That’s right, using one heavier tire is a temporary fix. For the best performance and mileage, matching tires are crucial. Consider searching for used ones or similar options from different brands. Keep an eye out for P-rated replacements while waiting for a response from Nitto.

Upgrading just one tire can impact handling and wear due to differences in tire characteristics. It’s best to replace at least two (on the same axle) for balanced performance. Keep following up with Nitto for a possible match or consider replacing all with a new set for uniformity.

Finding a replacement for a discontinued tire model can be challenging, but there are options you can consider.

If you’re looking for a replacement for a Nitto tire that’s no longer available, you might want to look into the Nitto Terra Grappler G2.

It’s compatible with the original Terra Grappler and has a similar tread pattern, with the addition of full tread depth sipes to improve all-season traction.

The G2 is Euro-Metric, which is still passenger rated, and although it has a slightly higher load index, it’s negligible and normal for a Euro-Metric tire.