How to black out front and rear ford emblem

Hi guys,

Have a 2014 FX4 supercrew in Black. Want to black out the front and rear ford emblems. Any idea how to do this? Something that will stand up…

I also have the backup camera so need to be mindful of this.

If I could also black out the front quarter panel emblems that would be cool. Or can I buy these blacked out already? The f150 fx4 emblems.

Pictures would be great too.


Blackout mods can really enhance the look of your FX4! For the front and rear Ford emblems, you have a few options. One popular method is using vinyl overlays specifically designed for emblems. They’re durable and should hold up well. Just make sure to clean the surface thoroughly before applying.

For the quarter panel emblems, you can either use the same vinyl overlays or look into purchasing blacked-out replacements.

Some aftermarket retailers might offer these, or you can explore custom options.

As for the backup camera, you’ll want to carefully work around it when applying the overlays.

Here is how to black out Ford emblems:

  1. Clean the emblem thoroughly.
  2. Mask around the emblem to protect your vehicle’s paint.
  3. Apply multiple light coats of black Plasti Dip or automotive paint.
  4. Let dry between coats and after the final coat.
  5. Remove masking once completely dry.

This DIY approach offers a reversible, custom look.

Vinyl overlays are great for blacking out your FX4’s emblems; they’re durable and easy to apply. For the quarter panels, consider similar overlays or replacement emblems. Be careful around the backup camera.

When it comes to blacking out your Ford emblems, there are a few ways you can go about it. One popular method is using Plasti Dip or vinyl wraps. These are durable options that can handle the elements and give you that blackout effect you’re after. Just make sure to clean the surface properly before applying to ensure a smooth finish.

But hey, since you’ve got that backup camera, it’s essential to be cautious. You wouldn’t want to mess with its functionality. So, when applying anything near the camera, be extra careful and maybe even consider seeking professional help if you’re unsure.

As for those front quarter panel emblems, you’ve got a couple of options. You could either go the DIY route and black them out yourself using the same methods mentioned earlier, or you could look into purchasing pre-blackened emblems. There are plenty of aftermarket options out there to suit your style.