How much is a ford raptor

I watched a Ford Raptor roar past me on the highway, its powerful presence ignites a spark of desire within me. Curiosity takes hold, prompting me to wonder about its price. With dreams of off-road adventures dancing in my head, I eagerly seek to uncover the cost of owning such a beast…

The Ford Ranger Raptor was launched in 2018, with an introductory price of ₱1.898 million.
Ford Philippines, in 2023, increased the Ranger Raptor price to ₱2.339 million

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If you’re looking to snag a Ford Raptor, you’re looking at a starting price of around $65,840 for the 2021 model.

But prices can climb higher depending on the year, model, and any extra goodies you want to throw in.

The 2024 model, for example, starts at $80,325 and can go up to $111,550 with all the bells and whistles.

So, if you’ve got your heart set on one of these bad boys, better start saving those pennies!

They ain’t cheap, but man, are they worth it if you’re after that beastly performance and off-road prowess.