How long do F250 6.2 gas truck last?

I’m looking to buy one with 126,000 miles to use daily and tow a fifth wheel a few weekends a month. How many miles and years can I expect the engine to last?

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A Ford F-250 with a 6.2-liter gas engine’s lifespan might vary significantly depending on upkeep, driving circumstances, and usage. Nonetheless, these trucks have a lengthy lifespan if given the right care and routine maintenance.

Based on my research, a well-maintained Ford F250 with the 6.2L gas engine can easily last over 300,000 miles. Many owners report their 6.2 trucks going strong past 200,000 miles with proper care. The 6.2L V8 is a robust, simple engine design that is less complex than the diesel options. As long as you change the oil regularly, replace wear items like spark plugs and filters, and don’t abuse the engine, the 6.2 will run for a very long time. I’ve seen examples of 6.2 F250s lasting 15+ years with no major issues. The key is sticking to the maintenance schedule and not towing or hauling at the truck’s maximum capacity all the time. With a little preventative maintenance, your 6.2 F250 can be a long-lasting, dependable workhorse for many years to come.