How do I turn off MyKey on a Ford without the admin key?

I accidentally turned on MyKey last night and it’s been really frustrating. I don’t have the admin key. How can I turn it off without going to the dealership and paying a lot for a new key?

It’s a 2016 Escape.

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To disable MyKey on a Ford without the administrator key, you can try the following methods:

  • Navigate to Settings, then Vehicle Settings. Select MyKey, and choose Clear All MyKeys.
  • Try using a different key or detach the battery.
  • Use a programmer to reprogram the car’s computer.
  • Run FORScan and enter the programmed MyKey.
  • Use the optional Ford-approved Remote Start attachment to start the car without activating the MyKey functionality.
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As long as you keep the car running after creating the MyKey, you can modify or clear its settings. You will require an admin key in order to modify or remove your MyKey settings after turning the car off. You will need to buy a new key from local Ford Dealer if you don’t already have an admin key.