Heritage Edition 2003 or 2004?

Alright, according to what I have read and heard, the Heritage Edition F150 was the leftover 2003 models that were rebranded and designated as such for the early 2004 model year.

In the past 48 hours, however, I purchased a 2003 F150 4x4 Supercab Heritage Edition. It is painted with a unique two-tone design and features badges commemorating its 100th anniversary from 1903 to 2003.

Based on the door, it was made as a 2003 in 09/2002. The Heritage Edition does not appear to have been a last-minute attempt to utilize up leftover 2003 vehicles.

Are you aware of any further details regarding the Heritage Edition? All I know is that I adore this truck’s appearance and handling, and I am excited to be a part of the F150 family.

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Hey, congrats on joining the F150 family with a Heritage Edition! :tada: It’s a special ride, for sure. The Heritage Edition was indeed a unique model to celebrate Ford’s 100th anniversary. It’s not just a rebrand of leftover models; it was a special truck offered in 2003 with that cool two-tone paint job and anniversary badges you mentioned. While some leftover '03 models were sold as '04 Heritage versions, they weren’t quite as fancy as the '03 ones. So, you’ve got yourself a true piece of Ford history—enjoy the ride and the looks you’ll get on the road!


Congrats on your extremely rare 2003 F-150 Heritage Edition! Exclusive 100th anniversary edition; no surplus. Presumably exclusive paint, badges, and more. Give specifics like the engine and trim? Greetings from the F-150 gang! #FordTrucks