Help with tire size decision? 295/60/R20 vs 285/65/R20

I have got a 2017 F-150, and it’s about time to replace the stock tires. I am thinking of going with Cooper tires after adding a Readylift 2.25” spacer level. I am torn between two sizes: 295/60/R20 and 285/65/R20. From what I gather, the 285/65/R20 is a bit narrower but might have a larger sidewall appearance. Is that accurate? Any other considerations I should think about? Also, I’ve noticed the 285/65/R20 is significantly cheaper, but I’m not quite sure why. Any insights on that?

Stuck between 2 Cooper tire sizes for my 2017 F-150 with a 2.25" lift:

  • 295/60/R20: Wider (beefier look, better handling), might rub, slightly pricier.
  • 285/65/R20: Cheaper, common size, similar sidewall height (check calculator), better gas mileage.

Going wider reduces gas mileage and might require checking for rubbing. Choose wider for looks/handling, cheaper for common size/economy.

The 295/60/R20 is wider at 11.6 inches compared to the 285/65/R20 at 11.2 inches. However, the 285/65/R20 does have a higher sidewall profile (65% of the 285 width) which can give it a more aggressive look