Fraser Powertrain Direct Engine review

After someone recommended this company, I bought a heavy-duty engine from them because they offered a better warranty than most. However, my experience has been a nightmare. They sold me a defective engine and refused to honor their warranty. It took three months and a complaint to the BBB to get a replacement.

Even though I followed their warranty guide precisely and changed the oil more often than required, they expected me to perform tests and only covered a portion of the costs, leaving me with additional expenses. Their warranty is misleading, and they tried to blame the mechanic for the faulty engine.

After keeping detailed records and being persistent, I finally got a replacement. Spending over $3500 on a defective product and dealing with this hassle was absurd. I hope others avoid the mistake of buying a Fraser/Powertrain Direct engine.

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I had a similar experience with my Dodge Ram 1500. I purchased a 5.7 Hemi from them, but after a long delay, I finally received the engine. Once installed, it had multiple codes and misfires. The mechanics eventually returned the motor, and I was told I’d get a new one as soon as they received mine. However, that wasn’t the case. I had to wait while they tore down the engine to figure out what was wrong. After several weeks, they finally sent a new engine. I never found out what was wrong with the first one. Now, with the second engine, the mechanics already had to replace the valve gasket because it was leaking. Overall, it was a terrible experience, and the quality was not as advertised. I wouldn’t recommend this company. Spend a little more elsewhere and get an engine you can trust.