Ford lug nuts swelling

Here’s my recent experience:

Two weeks ago, I took my truck in for an oil change and tire rotation. During the service, they informed me that the lug nuts were swollen and suggested replacing them with Gorilla nuts. They advised me to purchase the nuts and return for installation.

Upon picking up the truck, I paid for the oil change and rotation, assuming it would streamline the process.

Today, I returned for the nut installation and tire rotation, only to be surprised with a $110 charge. Despite having all the old nuts, they claimed additional fees, citing 12 extra minutes of work beyond their allotted time.

I felt taken aback; they hadn’t mentioned any extra charges initially. While I reluctantly paid an extra $50, I remain dissatisfied with the situation.

Has anyone else encountered similar additional charges from their dealer?

It is actually common than you might think. Vehicle service centres add extra charges all the time. This is due to some unforeseen circumstances that end up making them work for longer than they should have.
It is definitely frustrating and they should consider making it a habit to inform their clients of these kind of situations beforehand.
Sorry about your experiece

You should know the Legitimate Fee

State & Local Taxes
These are imposed by the government and vary by state or local jurisdiction. They include city, state, and county sales tax, personal property tax, and often a vehicle license tax.

Title, Tags, and Registration Fees
These are also legitimate and cover the cost of transferring the title, registering the vehicle, and obtaining physical license plates.

A friend of mine actually encountered this recently. He was so mortified as this can only be described as daylight robbery.
They should mentally prepare the client for these kinds of turn of events.

This is what you need to know.
This is what happens

Rust: Moisture can cause the steel core to rust, which then pushes against the aluminum cap, causing it to swell.

Galvanic Corrosion: When two dissimilar metals are in contact, galvanic corrosion can occur, especially if there’s an electrolyte present, such as water.

Excessive Force: Using impact wrenches with too much force or using the wrong size socket can damage the lug nuts, leading to swelling.