Ford f150 platinum for sale

I’m interested in ordering a 2024 Platinum Plus (703A), but it looks like the Pro-Access Tailgate option might delay delivery until as late as June 2024.

According to the Ford website, the tailgate is slated to be “Available late spring 2024,” and after discussions with local dealers and Ford corporate, it seems unlikely that build and delivery would occur before the end of Q2 2024.

While the Pro-Access Tailgate is appealing, it’s not a necessity for me. If omitting it would expedite delivery, I’d prefer to go that route.

This would mark my first Ford purchase, and I was enthusiastic about the mid-cycle refresh. However, spending $100k on a new vehicle only to wait potentially up to 8 months for delivery feels excessive.

Am I being overly impatient? From what I’ve gathered on forums, lengthy lead times unfortunately appear to be standard for Ford.

I’m contemplating whether I should opt for a 2023 model from the lot (possibly at a discount) or even consider a 2024 Tundra. Additionally, the longer I wait, the more my current vehicle depreciates, adding to the dilemma.

For those who have ordered new F-150s with significant lead times, how do you manage the wait?


While the Pro-Access Tailgate is enticing, waiting until June 2024 for delivery might be too long for your liking, especially considering it’s not a necessity.


For those who have experienced lengthy lead times when ordering new F-150s, managing the wait can be challenging.

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Considering alternatives like opting for a 2023 model from the lot or exploring other vehicle options like the 2024 Tundra seems like a practical approach.