Ford f150 lift kits

I recently acquired a 2018 F-150 King Ranch FX4 and I’m in the market for a suspension upgrade. The truck currently sports a 2" front level, and I’ve already installed 35x12.50 Nitto Trail Grapplers without any rubbing issues, although I’m not entirely satisfied with the offset. Initially, I considered elevating the level to 2.5" and adding 1.25" spacers, but I’m concerned this might invite rubbing problems. Moreover, I’ve heard that the ride quality might suffer, especially if I opt for a 3" level. My query is: what are the top options for a 3" suspension lift that maintains good road driving comfort? While I don’t engage in heavy off-roading, I prioritize a smooth daily driving experience. I’ve come across the Rough Country 3-Inch suspension lift (N3 shocks) and variants equipped with the vertex struts & shocks. Can anyone provide insights into the best choices here? Quality matters to me more than cost, so I’m willing to invest extra for an improved ride.