Ford 10 speed transmission problems

I have a 2018 Lariat truck with 68,000 miles on it and a 5.0-liter V8 engine. I’m thinking about buying a new truck in 2024.

I’m a bit worried about buying another F150 because I’m currently dealing with an oil consumption problem. I hope it gets fixed, but I’ve also heard about a lot of transmission failures with the 10-speed gearbox.

Are the newer models from 2021 onwards more reliable? Has the oil consumption issue with the 5.0 engine been fixed? What about the timing chains and cam issues with the 3.5 engine?

My current truck is my first Ford, and I’ve loved it except for the oil issue. Now I’m starting to consider if a Toyota Tundra might be a better choice, even though there are some things I don’t like about its design and features compared to the Ford.

I appreciate that the Ford has an aluminum body which means less rust, but I’m hesitant to get another Ford if it means dealing with more big reliability problems.

These are the issues have led to multiple consumer complaints and even lawsuits against Ford.

1.Rough Shifting: Owners have reported rough shifting experiences with the 10-speed transmission.

2.Gear Position Indicator Malfunction: There have been instances where the gear position indicator does not display the correct gear.

3.Leaking Transmission Fluid: Some vehicles have had issues with transmission fluid leaks.

4.Loss Of Acceleration: Drivers have experienced a loss of acceleration, which can be particularly concerning while driving.

5.Vehicle Stalling: There are reports of vehicles stalling, which can pose safety risks.

6.Warning Lights Illuminated: The transmission may cause warning lights to illuminate on the dashboard.

7.Rattling Noises: Unusual rattling noises have been reported, indicating potential transmission issues.

8.Pump Drive Gear Failure: Some cases of pump drive gear failure have been noted.