F250 vs. F350 Ride Quality – Seeking Opinions

Hi everyone…

I’m in the market for a new truck and am trying to decide between the Ford F250 and F350. One of my main concerns is ride quality, as I’ll be using the truck for both work and daily driving.

Some specific questions I have:

  1. Comfort: How do the F250 and F350 compare in terms of ride comfort, especially on long drives?
  2. Suspension: Are there noticeable differences in the suspension setup and how it affects the ride?
  3. Daily Driving: Is there a significant difference in how they handle day-to-day driving and city commutes?
  4. Payload and Towing: How does the increased payload and towing capacity of the F350 affect ride quality when the truck is not loaded?
  5. Overall Experience: Based on your experience, which truck would you recommend for someone looking for a balance between work capabilities and daily comfort?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences to help me make an informed decision. Thanks in advance.