Does ford still make tractors?

Is Ford still involved in the production of tractors, or has their focus shifted away from this industry?

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yes they make qualty tractors as we speak


Ford discontinued its direct involvement in tractor production. They have now shifted their attention to other sectors. Their tractor legacy lives alive under the Ford New Holland label.

I don’t think so @hermanbennnet they ceased, they shifted to other sectors.

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Since 2001, no new tractors have been produced under the Ford name; this is because Fiat was granted a ten-year licence to use the name “Ford New Holland” on its tractors under the conditions of the sale.16

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Ford remains active in the tractor manufacturing sector under its Ford New Holland brand, which operates as a division within CNH Industrial. This multinational corporation specializes in producing a diverse range of agricultural and construction equipment, alongside powertrains tailored for industrial and marine use.

Hello, @Arthur , in my opinion yes Ford still manufactures tractors.