Did your dealer charge you extra for replacing swollen lug nuts?

Hi guys, Here’s my story.
Two weeks ago, I took my truck to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. While they were working on it, they said the lug nuts were swollen and suggested I buy Gorilla nuts to replace them. They asked me to come back with the new nuts so they could finish the job.

When I picked up my truck after paying for the oil change and rotation, I thought everything was settled.

Today, I brought the truck back with the new nuts for installation and another tire rotation. But I was surprised when they told me I needed to pay $110 more. They had all the old nuts, except two that were damaged.

They never mentioned an extra charge before. They said the extra work would take about 30 minutes, and they usually allow 18 minutes for a regular tire rotation.

I was really mad. They wanted $110 for just 12 extra minutes of work! I ended up paying $50 more, but I’m still upset about it.

Has anyone else had their dealer charge extra like this?

That sounds frustrating! It’s understandable to feel upset about unexpected charges. While I haven’t had this exact experience, it’s not uncommon for dealerships to charge extra for additional services or unexpected issues. However, it’s essential for them to communicate any additional costs upfront to avoid surprises. If you feel like you were unfairly charged, it might be worth discussing your concerns with the dealership’s management to see if they can offer any resolution.