Did Ford make a 300 Inline 6 Extended Cab 4x4?

Hey everyone, so this is my first time posting here, and I’ve got a question about 9th gen F150s. Has Ford ever made an F150 extended cab 4x4 with the inline 6 engine? I’ve come across plenty of extended cabs with 4x4, but they always seem to have the 302 or 351 engines, never the inline 6. And every time I see an extended cab with the inline 6, it’s always 2WD.

Thing is, my dream truck is an extended cab 4x4 with the inline 6. I think I once saw a listing on Craigslist that seemed to fit the bill, but there were no engine pictures, so I couldn’t confirm.

If Ford didn’t produce a 9th gen in that configuration, I’ve got a follow-up question: Which do you think would be easier—converting a 2WD inline 6 to 4x4, or getting a 4x4 extended cab with a 302 or 351 and swapping in an inline 6?

I’m a broke teenager with limited mechanical know-how (though luckily my dad’s a whiz with fixing things), but I’m eager to learn. Thanks for your input!

Yeah I kind of figured swapping engines would be easier, although some say 4x4 conversion is not too bad, I don’t think I’m ready to tackle something like that anyways.
I know that a 302 or 351 will outperform a 300, but I have a 300 as my daily driver and I’ve fallen in love with the engine.
It’s not nearly as fast as a v8, but I love the massive low-end torque, plus it would get better gas mileage (Much better mileage with some exhaust/intake mods)
and I could get easily get it to 300k or more with basic maintenance.
Anyways, thanks for responding

No, Ford likely did not offer a factory configuration with a 300 I6 engine in an extended cab (also known as SuperCab) with 4x4 for their F-150 trucks.

There is evidence that these configurations were not common, and some enthusiasts have even discussed the possibility of converting a 2WD I6 to 4x4

No, Ford did not offer the 300 Inline 6 in an Extended Cab 4x4 configuration. The 300 Inline 6 was typically available in base model trucks, mainly in 2WD versions.

Glad to hear you enjoy your 300! Its robust torque and potential for high mileage with proper care make it a reliable choice. Engine swaps are indeed hefty tasks compared to simpler mods. Keep enjoying that classic power!