Diagram 4.6 ford engine vacuum lines

Hey folks,

So, I’ve been tinkering with my 2007 F150 equipped with the 4.6L engine, and I’ve hit a bit of a puzzle with some vacuum lines from the back passenger side of the engine bay.
Check it out if you are interested!!

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The most common location for a vacuum hose is in the engine compartment, typically attached to the intake manifold or throttle body. Look for a black rubber hose about ½ inch in diameter. It is usually flexible and may have a ribbed texture.

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It’s a bit difficult to see clearly. But I can tell you that there’s a tube connecting from that canister thing to the back of the throttle body. And in the same area, you’ll spot another tube coming out of the throttle body and going to the fuel rail. I’m not exactly sure where the third one leads, but my guess is it goes down to the fuel pump.