Cylinder Head Temperature?

Does anyone know what the normal Cylinder Head Temperature should be?? I’m running anywhere from 208 - 212 degrees and a little nervous because I think I have a clogged cat.

That temperature (208-212 degrees) is actually pretty normal for your engine.

While a clogged catalytic converter can cause some engine temperature issues, it usually leads to higher temperatures, not necessarily lower ones like you’re seeing.

It’s essential for safe operation and the longevity of cylinders to adhere to the temperature range specified by the manufacturer.
For instance, Lycoming advises keeping Cylinder Head Temperatures (CHTs) below 400°F.
CHTs exceeding 400°F can be detrimental to the engine and warrant immediate action to lower them.

The typical cylinder head temperature falls within the range of 195-210 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s generally not a cause for concern, but checking periodically is wise.

The standard cylinder head temperature ranges from 195 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s generally within a safe range, but monitoring is advisable.

Hold off on the panic button! Your cylinder head temperature range (208-212°F) is pretty normal. While a clogged catalytic converter can cause overheating, it usually leads to higher spikes (around 250°F and beyond). Let’s focus on diagnosing the cat another time. Enjoy the ride knowing your engine is running in a healthy temperature zone!