Cooper Rugged Trek

I wasn’t gonna buy new tires, but I figured what the hell.

Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek, Coop just came out with these in March. Just ordered today off of Amazon. I ordered the stock size 275/60R20 since I decided not to level the truck after many weeks of going back and forth.

Let me know if anyone has these yet and what you think of them. If they are crap, I will return them and get the Cooper Discoverer AT3.

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Just ordered Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek tires. Has anyone tried them? If they’re not great, I might switch to the AT3. Let me know your thoughts.

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I haven’t tried the Rugged Trek myself, but reviews generally praise their off-road capability and road comfort. If they don’t meet your expectations, the AT3 is a solid alternative known for durability and traction. Keep us posted on how the Rugged Trek performs for you!

Nice choice on the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek! They’re pretty new, so feedback might be limited. Keep an eye on how they handle different terrains. If they don’t live up to expectations, the AT3s are indeed a reliable fallback. Curious to hear your thoughts once you’ve put them to the test!