Cooper Discoverer Road & Trail AT Tires

After reading numerous tire reviews, I recently installed the new Cooper Discoverer Road & Trail AT Tires on my 2017 SuperCrew. I opted to keep my stock rims and installed the tires in the stock size, 275-65-18R. These tires have been road tested by Tire Rack and received high ratings, particularly in snow and wet conditions, which is important to me as I live in the snowy winters of Northern Wisconsin. I’m pleased with the aggressive tread design, as it gives me extra confidence when starting and stopping quickly in all conditions. I believe these tires will perform well for me.

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Available in 4-ply rating (SL & XL), the Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT refreshes the popular Discoverer AT3 4S with incremental improvements where it matters most. Featuring a next-generation tread pattern, the Discoverer Road+Trail AT utilizes a more rugged sidewall design over its predecessor which transitions nicely from the shoulder lugs. In addition, to the new aesthetics, drivers can expect superior wet performance and improved steering feel, with the same on-road comfort found with the previous version. If you find yourself mainly driving on-road with camping adventures sprinkled in throughout the year, the Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT is worth a look.

hi ton my take is if it excels in dry traction, wet performance, and winter conditions. If you’re seeking a reliable tire for various terrains, the Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT is a solid choice!