Color of electrical wires to fuel pump

2000, automatic, 4.2l, 6 cyl.

Does anyone know what color are the wires that power the fuel pump? My dog chewed through the protective covering of the wires that run on the rail going to the back of the truck.

I spliced and reconnected as best I could but I have been having lots of trouble with fuel pressure and I dont think it’s a fuse or relay.

splicing wires is a risky business, especially for fuel pump circuits. Those wires can vary in color depending on the specific model.
I recommend referencing a wiring diagram for your exact 2000 Ford vehicle with a 4.2L 6-cylinder engine.
That will show the correct fuel pump wire colors. However, given your splicing attempt, it might be best to have a qualified mechanic diagnose the entire fuel pump circuit to ensure safe and proper functionality.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for wire colors on Fords. They changed things up across models and years.
But I tell you what, get yourself a Haynes manual for your specific 2000 Ford with the 4.2L 6-cylinder.
That’ll have a wiring diagram showing the fuel pump wires. In the meantime, replacing your spliced wires with proper solder connections and heat shrink tubing might be a temporary fix, but for safety’s sake, I recommend a mechanic double-checks everything.

You gotta be careful with messin’ around with car wires, especially somethin’ like the fuel pump.
I remember this one time, my buddy Earl, hooked up the wrong wires on his Ford, and well, let’s just say there were sparks and a whole lot of nothin’!
Best bet is to get that looked at by a professional. They’ll know what wires are what and how to fix 'em proper.

I’m no mechanic, but messing with car wires seems like a tricky business. Maybe there’s a user manual or something that shows what color wires go where?
Otherwise, calling a mechanic might be your best bet. They can sort out those wires and get your fuel pump pumping again!

Electrical repairs can be tricky, so prioritizing safety is key.

If you’re not comfortable with electrical work, it’s strongly recommended to consult a trusted mechanic to ensure everything is fixed properly.