Choosing Between Seat Covers and Full Seat Replacement

I have been researching options for upgrading my F150 XLT seats to leather and need some expert opinions. I currently have heated cloth seats, but they are hard to keep clean, and even water stains the fabric. I tried some cheap seat covers, but they were terrible, so I returned them. I looked into Katzkin leather seats, but the $2K price is a big hit on my budget. I have also seen some other brands like Kustoms, Carzzio, and Coveall, but they are not cheap either.

So, here is my question: Should I save up for a year (or more) to get Katzkin leather seats, or should I look for factory leather seat sets from a salvage yard, which cost around $150-200 each, keeping the total under $1K? Which option would you recommend? Also, how difficult is it to swap out the seats? Can seats from other years fit my 2018 model?


Wow…Katz’s have gone up in price a little…still around $12-15 hundred…a bit of a deal if you do your own installation (plenty of u-tube help available)…However, I discovered that factory take-offs on eBay were the "best deal."Genuine leather OEM full set take-offs cost between a few hundred dollars and $650…XLT/Raptor, you name it, it appears with a high degree of consistency.I just checked, and there are plenty of entire sets for the XLT supercrew, Raptor, and more…The majority appear to be new or lightly used.
But each to their own, for sure…Happy Trails! Ol’ Rattler, rattlin’ on, now.

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If you are looking for a cost-effective solution and are willing to put in the effort to find the right match, salvage yard seats could be the way to go. However, if you prefer a hassle-free, guaranteed fit with a warranty, saving up for Katzkin might be the better choice.

Personally I’ll suggest that you save and acquire Katzkin seats because of their compatibility and long lasting. Whichever option you choose, ensure that the seats are compatible with your vehicle and that you’re comfortable with the installation process or the cost of professional installation.

Hi Timber… Upgrading your F150 XLT seats to leather is a great idea for easier maintenance and a more premium feel. Given your budget concerns, seeking factory leather seat sets from a salvage yard is a practical option, potentially keeping costs under $1K. These seats can often be found in good condition and can be significantly cheaper than new aftermarket options like Katzkin. Swapping out the seats is generally straightforward, requiring basic tools and some mechanical know-how. However, ensure that the seats are compatible with your 2018 model by verifying fitment with the specific year range of F150s. Additionally, checking online forums and guides can provide step-by-step instructions and tips from others who have done similar upgrades. This approach balances cost and quality, offering a feasible solution without the long wait of saving up for new seats.