Can you put ethanol free gas in your car

For the past month, my town has been offering non-ethanol 90 octane gas. I’m curious if it’s safe for modern cars, though I’m aware it’s beneficial for older models. I’m particularly excited about how it’ll benefit my outboard motor and outdoor equipment. Surprisingly, the price matches that of ethanol 93 octane.

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Yes, you can safely use ethanol-free gas in your car. Modern combustion engines were originally designed to run on pure petroleum, so using ethanol-free gas won’t harm your vehicle’s performance. In fact, it can provide better mileage and reduce the likelihood of corrosion over time. Ethanol-free gas is also safe to mix with ethanol-mix gas, resulting in a regular ethanol-mix fuel. It’s beneficial not only for older models but also for modern cars, outboard motors, and outdoor equipment.

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Modern cars are designed to run on ethanol blends up to a certain percentage (usually E15). Non-ethanol gas might not offer significant performance benefits, but it can be better for small engines.

Modern engines are designed to run on ethanol blends up to a certain percentage (usually E15). Ethanol-free gas might not offer significant mileage gains for most modern cars.

Yes you can…I’ve tried that severally.
Infact it has less harm to the engine.
The only problem is that it has more harmful emissions compared to ethanol blends

Its even safer… I’ve been trying it for about 3 months now. I