Bad idler pulley symptoms

It seems like when one noise arises, others follow shortly. I’ve also recently started hearing a noise from the engine/serpentine belt area. I THINK I’ve pinpointed it to the idler pulley. However, it sounds like when a power steering pump goes dry while running, like an echo-y whine that is consistent with the RPMs of the engine. All fluid levels are perfect, and nothing is leaking at all. Has anyone encountered this? If I remember correctly, when a pulley bearing goes bad, it usually sounds more metallic and squealy.? Any thoughts?

How can I tell if a squealing noise from my engine is due to a bad idler pulley?

It sounds like it could be the idler pulley. A dry whine usually suggests a bearing issue. Check for wear or slack in the pulley. Replacing it might solve the noise.

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To check if a squealing noise is from a bad idler pulley: Listen to pinpoint the noise with the engine running. Then, inspect the pulley and belt for damage after turning off the engine. Spin the pulley by hand; roughness or grinding suggests a bad bearing. Remove the belt and run the engine briefly; if the noise stops, the pulley likely needs replacing.

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