3 inch or 2 inch leveling kit?

Hey I have a 2004 F-150 4x4 supercab, and now I would like to install a 3-inch suspension leveling kit. However, I was told that if i raise the front end 3 inches, my back will drop 1 and a half inches. Should I just go with a 2 inch leveling kit.

Yeah, @Bravin A 2-inch kit could maintain a more balanced stance without significantly altering the rear height.

For your 2004 F-150 4x4 Supercab, a 2-inch leveling kit is a good idea, because it keeps the front and back closer to level (reduces rake) and avoids potential adjustments to other parts.

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Stockin’ your 2004 F-150 with a 3-inch leveling kit sounds sweet, but hear this: the rear might sag an inch and a half. To keep things level and lookin’ sharp, a 2-inch kit might be the smoother ride.