3.5 vs 2.7 ecoboost

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Frankly, I prefer neither between the 3.5 v 2.7 ecoboost

Here’s why? They all got their different strenghts and all of tthe are EcoBoost V6 engines

The 3.5 L v the 2.7L

The 3.5 has more power and torque. This means it uses more fuel, so the 2.7 has better fuel economy
The 3.5 can allow more towing capability and payload capacity when compared to the 2.7. so, the 2.7 is better for someone who doesn’t need to tow or haul heavy loads more frequently.

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The 2.7L EcoBoost is an excellent option if you value fuel economy, reduced starting costs, and enough towing capacity for the majority of applications.
The 3.5L EcoBoost is the best choice if you want the most power to tow large loads or trailers, want to carry a lot, or just want the most potent engine available.

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18’ and 22’ on my second 2.7. Simply put it in tow/haul and set the cruise control. I tow a 6x10 enclosed trailer carrying up to 2,000 pounds of floor care equipment, and I’ve never had a problem. Nothing will be wrong with your snowmobile.