275/60r20 in inches

I searched and found many discussions about trucks with lifts, level kits, or spacers. However, my 2016 FX4 XLT is completely stock with OEM 20" wheels. I found a good deal on 275/60-20 tires, which are about an inch taller than the 275/55. Besides affecting the speedometer, are there any potential rubbing issues with the larger tires on a stock F150?

Upgrading to 275/60-20 tires on your stock 2016 FX4 XLT F150 may lead to potential rubbing issues, primarily during tight turns or over bumps, due to the increased tire size. While the larger tires can offer benefits in terms of improved off-road capability and a more aggressive look, it’s essential to carefully inspect clearance in the wheel wells before making the switch. I have had issues with my suspension condition. Consider consulting with experienced truck enthusiasts or mechanics familiar with F150 modifications for personalized advice tailored to your vehicle and driving preferences.