2013 Limited and Platinum Differences?

Does anyone know how the two differ from one another? It appears that options for the engine and bed length are still available for the Platinum. I do not see any extra features on the Platinum other from more body-colored trim and chrome accents.


My reason for ordering a Platinum was the Limited’s 22-inch wheels. There is just no combining 22" wheels with Michigan winters.


Features and cost are the primary distinctions between the F-150 Platinum and Limited, not necessarily the engine or bed.

But if you are unable to locate a concise list of qualities that set them apart, visit the website of the manufacturer or get in touch with a dealer.

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Hi, The differences between the Limited and Platinum trims of the 2013 model year of various vehicles can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. In general, the Platinum trim level typically represents the highest level of luxury, features, and amenities offered by the manufacturer, while the Limited trim is a step below but still offers many premium features.

It certainly makes you think. There may be small changes in technology or how to use it that aren’t obvious at first glance. There may be some secret benefits to the Platinum that can be found in a leaflet or on the company’s website.