Why are Ford Mavericks so expensive?

I want to buy a small, affordable hybrid truck, and the Maverick looks good. But it’s hard to find dealerships that sell them. When they do, the XL model is priced around $30,000 on their websites. They are advertised as $22-24,000 trucks. Why are they so much more expensive? I’ve never bought a car before, so this is new to me.


The reason as to why the Ford Maverick has become more costly is because there aren’t enough trucks available to meet the high demand from people who want to buy them.

They are significantly pricier because some individuals with more money than sense consistently overpay. It is unbelievable that someone paid $35k for the XL that I sold to Carvana for $31k, especially since I originally bought it new for just $25k, and I did not think it was worth much more than that.

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