White Platinum Pearl vs Star White

How does the 2019 Star White paint scheme differ from the White Platinum Pearl Metallic Tri-coat of the 2015-2018 model year? Or are they exactly the same?

Nope, these white paints are not twins, although they might seem similar from afar! Here’s the breakdown:

  • **Star White (2019): This is a tri-coat metallic paint. Imagine tiny metallic flakes mixed into the paint that catch the light and create a shimmery, almost frosty look. In simpler terms, it’s a bright white with a metallic sparkle.
  • **White Platinum Pearl Metallic Tri-coat (2015-2018): This one’s a bit more subtle. It’s also a tri-coat, but instead of metallic flakes, it uses pearl flakes. These are microscopic ceramic crystals that bend light differently, giving the paint a warmer, creamier tone that shifts colors depending on the angle you look at it.

hallo we discused, and check this out,Metallic white with a soft pearlescent finish.and its appearance
Creamy, displaying various colors due to light-refracting ceramic crystals. Slightly off-white in some lighting.its colour is metallic,
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luxurious look: Provides a more upscale appearance.