Wheel recommendations

Hey guys any suggestion? I’m looking to buy new wheels soon and wanted to see your thoughts. There are some all-black ones from American Muscle I am considering, but I’m not sure if I should go all-black everything. Bronze might look nice, but all the good-looking bronze wheels I’ve seen are a bit expensive. What color do you guys think looks good with black paint on my Ford Mustang and are there any specific wheels you recommend that would look good on my Mustang around the $200-300 price range? Thank you!

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I just got them from American Muscle for my Rapid Red '22, and they look great. I have the exact stock wheels you did. I like black wheels, but I believe black cars require some contrast, thus I prefer gray/gunmetal. Bronze would look nice on your automobile, too.

About 1600 were delivered for the staggered layout, which included tpms and lugs.

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Nice wheels, man! I am glad you are pleased with them. My ideas, too, about wanting some contrast; thank you for adding the image and pricing!