What's the lug pattern for a Ford F150?

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and I’ve never owned a truck before. I’m really eager to learn from all of you!

Sorry if this is a basic question, but…

Can I use a wheel from a 2019 Ford F150 (which has 6 lugs) on my 2008 F150, which also has 6 lugs?

I just want to make sure before I buy a set from Facebook Marketplace!

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Welcome to the forum! It’s great to have new enthusiasts joining us.

Regarding your question, yes, you can typically use wheels from a 2019 Ford F150 on your 2008 F150 if both trucks have the same lug pattern, which in this case, they do. Both having 6 lugs should be compatible. However, it’s always wise to double-check the specific measurements to ensure a proper fit, especially considering any differences in wheel size or offset between the two model years. Additionally, verify that the wheels you’re purchasing are in good condition and free from any damage or defects.

No, the bolt pattern for a 2017 Ford F-150 is (6x5.3 or 6 on 5.3 ) the best. The Ford F-150 has a long history of reliability, being the backbone of American trucks for over 70 years. It is a familiar sight nationwide and known for its stellar reputation. However, even classic trucks like the F-150 can benefit from the right modifications. If you are looking to switch up the wheels, especially for rugged terrain, knowing the bolt pattern is essential.