What's the Difference Between 295/65/20 and 35x11.50/20 Tires?

Hey guys, I’m planning to get a 2.5" leveling kit for my truck, and I’m stuck between two tire sizes: 295/65/20 and 35x11.50/20. Can you help me understand the difference between them? Also, why are the 35x11.50-20 tires more expensive even though technically the 295/65-20 is bigger?

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Well, the main difference between the two sizes comes down to their construction and intended use. The 295/65-20 is metric-sized, so it might have slightly different dimensions compared to the 35x11.50-20, which is measured in inches and is typically wider. Even though the 295/65-20 might be larger in diameter, the 35x11.50-20 could be more expensive because of its wider footprint and possibly higher load rating, which could make it more suitable for off-road or heavy-duty use. It might also come down to brand and specific tire features that influence the price differences.

Stuck between 295/65/20 and 35x11.50/20 tires for your truck with a leveling kit? Here’s the quick take:

  • 295/65/20: Slightly bigger overall, smoother ride, potentially cheaper (P-metric tire).
  • 35x11.50/20: More ground clearance, off-road durability (LT tire), typically pricier.

Choose the first for comfort and on-road, the second for off-roading and extra height.