What's the cheapest way to replace a key fob?

I lost my battery-powered flip key fob for my 2016 Ford Fusion, and the Ford dealership wants $380 for a single key. Is this the cheapest option for getting a replacement key, or are there more affordable alternatives?

Hi Donna!

From experience, I can tell you that you can purchase an OEM key fob from a company like NorthCoast Keyless and have a local Auto Locksmith come to you to program it to your vehicle. I’m posting links to 4 & 5 Button key fobs compatible with the 2016 Fusion below. You’ll end up paying under $100 for the fob and probably $50 for programming by the local locksmith. NorthCoast Keyless offers a locksmith directory to find competent local locksmiths who will be able to program your fob for you.

Good luck!

  • Find an auto locksmith. This is the fastest and most budget-friendly option because they have all the necessary equipment.
  • Another cheap option is to use roadside assistance.
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Your best option is eBay, after which you’ll need to have it programmed so you can either figure out how to do it yourself or pay Hyundai to do it for you. It’s a complete scam. Occasionally, the Hyundai dealer won’t program keyfobs you bring in; additionally, you’ll need to reprogramme the old keyfob when programming the new one.

To program it, simply locate a concealed switch beneath your dashboard, flip it on, insert your key into the ignition, press the door lock, and then release the door. You can locate the location of your car’s button with the aid of YouTube.

Hey Donna, you can most likely buy the key fob online and have an automobile locksmith programme it for a much lower cost, maybe around $100.